What to Expect
While in Atlanta, your primary job is to build relationships with at-risk urban youth through personal interaction. You will do hands-on service with Medici Project and other organizations who are seeking to make an impact in the lives of at-risk children and youth, but much of what we do is relational. Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone as you work face-to-face with the at-risk urban youth of Atlanta.

What You Will Do
You will participate in these Medici Project experiences:
•Play-days and Hanging out with the Kids
•Personal Visitation
•Random Acts of Kindness

Other service experiences with Medici Project and Medici Project partners:
•Housing Community Work Projects
•Housing Community Clean-up Projects
•Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta – Tutoring and recreational activities
•Atlanta Public Schools – Summer and after school tutoring, teacher aiding, and work projects.
•Atlanta Food Bank – Food sorting and distribution to Atlanta’s neediest families
•Serving the homeless and work projects in homeless shelters
•Work projects within local churches
•Serve in government ran nursing homes

The Other Stuff
•Visit the Martin Luther King Memorial Center
•Hear from speakers who know the issues related to poverty
•Hike Stone Mountain and reflect

While You Are Here
When you are in Atlanta you will stay in the city. Housing options vary depending on the time of year and the size of the group, but you will be in the city. We want you to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the city during your trip. Each evening you will eat dinner at local, affordable, downtown restaurants in the city so that you can get a taste of the food that the city has to offer.

You will also have at least one Medici Project staff member with you throughout the day. Our staff members have an intimate knowledge of the city and will serve as guides and mentors to your group. We live in Atlanta and work with urban youth throughout the year, not just while teams are in town. We are experts in what we do. Our presence takes the pressure off of the group leaders and lets the leaders participate in the service experience.

What You Get Out Of All This
While you are here you will become more educated on poverty and the political and economic issues involved in it. We want to raise up an army of individuals who have a heart for the overwhelming needs of the at risk youth we serve and know what can and must be done to address those needs.

It is important that you not view an Expose trip as a one-time work trip. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, build relationships, and begin to think through how you can serve the at risk youth in your own community. The activities and programs that you will take part in on an Expose experience are not complicated and complex. They can be done in each and every community where there are people who are trapped in a life of poverty with no hope of being more.